Point to point boosts for Record Store Day 2015

These little custom one-off Tym boosts will be for sale at this years RSD instore.

Hand painted by Sneven from BARGE with an antenna on it and built by me it's a 1 transistor, point to point boost with 9V adaptor, LED, true bypass and just a volume.

The little green one has a volume control that can be adjusted with a screw driver or pick.


Each one is based on the classic little 1 transistor gain stage boost made famous by many manufacturers over the years. These have no PCB's and are point to point components. Everything else, except for the enclosures are the same parts I use in all my effects.
The enclosures are Hammond and hand painted in acrylic with a coat of clear to help protect the artwork by Sneven. 

All are one-off hand made here in Brisbane especially for this day.

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