Tym records Record Store Day ltd ed 7"

Nate Hall is many things in many forms. As a singer/songwriter/musician he can be very hard to categorize or classify to any specific genre or style and even harder to describe. He's also an artist, a poet, a noisemaker, an activist and a believer in the morality and dignity of human kind.
His musical exploits vary from psych to folk to rock and his piers and collaborators include him in everything from space rock to sludge metal to country to drone.
He's a chameleon who can adapt to many styles and forms while keeping an integrity and belief in what's real and meaningful.

Nate's genuine passion and talent means he has collaborated or worked with people like Scott Kelly, Brett Netson, Steve Von Till, Wino and many more as well as releasing albums with his band US Christmas and under his own name on prestigious labels such as Neurot records.
Nate's solo effort after USX was A Great River, released through Neurot in 2012 followed by the wonderful Electric Vacuum Roar in 2014 which featured Tym records stable-mate Brett Netson on guitar which was quickly followed later the same year by the amazing Fear of Falling LP.

Nate and Tym records have amalgamated over their mutual love and respect to bring you a very special RSD2015 release. Two songs taken from Fear of Falling, remixed and remastered for vinyl and pressed into a very special, limited edition 33RPM 7" with hand drawn artwork by Dase Beard and liner notes insert by Nate. Two amazing slabs of psychedelic folk rock played with as much distortion and conviction as any human could muster.
It's hard to imagine how a North Carolinian metal head and a Brisbane punk ended up working together on a small package of vinyl and cardboard filled with passion and respect but here it is. TYM032 is yet another idea bought to life by humans interacting and believing that there's more to all this than what we see.


I will be announcing more RSD2015 releases soon as well as our annual instore event with live bands, great vinyl and giveaways. Stay tuned.

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