Meanies T's and skate boards from Tym guitars

The Meanies are a pop punk band from Melbourne who through the nineties came to epitomize the catchy side of hardcore and pop punk in Australia. In their heyday of releases between 1990 and 1995 they released song after song after song of ridiculously melodic fast punk. Their live shows are crazy. Their songs are crazy good. For the first time ever here's the official Meanies skate board bought to you by Tym Skate along with a reprint of a classic old T both with artwork taken from the original drawings by drummer Mark 'Ringo Meanie' Hobbs.

It's a HUGE honour to be releasing this set of official Meanies stuff. As most of you know, the Tym records re-issue of the classic pop punk 7" NEVER is on the way. It is now set for release in January.

The "re-issue" of this classic Meanies T shirt is VERY special to me. I had this shirt in the 90's and wore it till it literally fell off me so when Wally said "do you wanna do a T ?" this was it. SO stoked to be releasing this T back in print.

To go along with the T and 7" ........... Tym skate is releasing this first ever official Meanies skate board. 8" to 9" pool for all the ol' school riders.
The 7" is limited edition but the T and deck will be available as long as people want them.
HUGE thanks to the Meanies for letting me be involved in one of my all time favourite Aussie punk bands.


T's are available HERE.

Boards are available HERE.

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