Tym Fuzzmaster

This is the new Tym Fuzzmaster fuzz based on the classic 60's 2 transistor fuzz. It's similar to my Buzzrite, but with MUCH higher gain transistors and more bottom end. Still that classic 60's snarl, but a bit ......... meatier.


The idea and artwork came from Tone and the story is here as I made him a very special "version" of this little fuzz to say thanks. 

It's a simple mid 60's, what I like to call "sausage sizzle" fuzz with above unity gain when engaged very similar to the Mosrite Fuzzrite which is still one of my favourite little dirt boxes. This one has a few component changes and gives more mids and bottom end in the mix without getting too flabby.


Controls are simple, as they were back in the day. Volume and Fuzz is pretty self explanatory. With the volume on full and the fuzz on "0" it's above unity with a small amount of distortion that can slightly dirty up a nice valve amp. As you wind the fuzz up it thickens up and starts to square wave. With single coils it still keeps the tight BUZZ but with a slightly wider frequency response than say, the Fuzzrite, and not as compressed and with more gain than the Shen-ei/Univox FZ2. With both Vol and Fuzz wide open it's a thicker fuzz than the standard 60's "thousand pound bee" but not as big as the later, early 70's Superfuzzes and Big Muffs. 

These are in my "mini" pedal enclosures that are all custom made out of stainless steel. They have standard 9V Boss style (centre negative) power sockets and like all my pedals, don't run batteries

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