Tym records to release Adam Franklin Bolts of Melody for the first time on vinyl

Adam Franklin has been part of my musical landscape for almost as long as I can remember. Of course there was music for me before him, but names that spin into my world and spin back out on irregular and erratic trajectories are now too many to remember. Then there are are those, like Adam Franklin that come blazing in and got caught in my gravitational field and continue to spin on a more and more stable and consistent path.
The first time I heard Adam was on the song Son of Mustang Ford in late '90 or early '91. A blasting slab of distorted guitar rock that I, and many others, mistakenly thought was from a new US band because it somehow didn't "sound" British at the time. I bought the SoMF EP on CD and never looked back.
Over the next 7 or 8 years Swervedriver released a string of amazingly catchy and infectious heavy psych rock that set them completely apart from any other British band of the time, or since. 4 LP's and 7 EP's later they disintegrated in Australia and moved on to other things having never really gained the respect and acceptance they deserved.
Adam went straight on to write and record more great albums without a breath under the names Toshack Highway, Bolts of Melody and under his own name among others. Incredibly prolific and always working he has spent all of his time since the break up of SWD making great music.
In 2007 Swervedriver reformed and while Adam's focus was once again back on this amazing band, he never stopped writing and recording music under these other guises releasing several great albums, mainly under the Bolts of Melody name including this album here, originally released the year of SWD's reformation.
In 2013 SWD released their first new song in nearly 15 years on my label. It was an incredible thing for someone who had been a fan for over 20 years and a real honour for my humble little label.
It is with great excitement and privilege that I'm announcing the first ever vinyl release of this classic Bolts of Melody album remastered in slightly different track listing, with original artwork and new liner notes written by Adam, on limited edition black and splatter 180 gram vinyl.
Presales available soon and the record out January 2015 available worldwide through Tym records.

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