One off custom pedal for Tone.

No, that's not the elusive tone that everyone who plays guitar is supposedly searching for. It's for Tone from Guitarnerd who does most of my artwork here at Tym guitars. I'm not naive, or certainly conceited enough to think that if my stuff didn't look as cool as it does, that it would be as sought after as it is. I mean, sure, people seem to dig what I do, and people buy lots of my stuff, so they must like the way it sounds as well, but the look of my stuff is important, to me, to Tone and to you people who support it.

Anyway, I made this custom one-off pedal for Tone to say thanks for his undying support and awesome design work that he does for me whenever I ask.

He emailed me a while ago with a pic of a fuzz made in Australia from a message board and said "This has to be a Tym pedal" and I emailed back and said "make it so"


He sent through the artwork and it was, as always, awesome. It's a new pedal coming out in a couple of weeks based on the classic 60's 2 transistor fuzz. It's similar to my Buzzrite, but with MUCH higher gain transistors and more bottom end. Still that classic 60's snarl, but a bit ......... meatier.

The standard version is in my little mini stainless steel enclosure and I will do more on that when the pedal is released. Since the artwork plate was similar to the original, which I know NOTHING about I thought I'd make a special one-off for Tone that looks like the original.


This enclosure is actually a piece of 100+ year old silky oak that came from my house when we did some renovations about 12-13 years ago. I saved a bunch of pieces thinking they might come in handy one day ? Well, now Tone's special pedal is actually made form a piece of the Tym guitars workshop. 

I fitted the electronics in and needed to seal up the bottom somehow. I thought of an aluminium plate, or scratchplate material, then it hit me.


I used a Tym records 7" as the logo Tone designed for my label is one of my favourite pieces of work he's done for me. The pedal takes a 9V battery only (NOT like all my other pedals) and is accessed through the plate in the bottom.

It even has some nice flame Tone. That, and the thin nitro coat will make it sound better ......... right ?

Thanks Tone.

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