Sea Shepherd Fuzz pedal

Well, it seems I'm great at raising money, but only for other people, so ........

As followers of Tym guitars will know I do a lot of stuff with charity donations as I believe, no matter how hard we think we have it, most of the world has it harder and we CAN make a difference if we all helped out. I have ongoing charity things like my This Machine Kills Fascists pedals and I regularly do events like my recent Devolution auction but I must admit I usually donate to humanitarian/human rights charities, for no particular reason.
It's always hard for me to pick a charity to donate to and I usually leave it for my wife to do, you know, decisions are for adults. There's too many worthy and needy places and when you start to dive in, it can get overwhelming. 
So when Sea Shepherd contacted me asking if I'd be interested in helping with some fund raising I was honoured. Not only are they an environmental charity I believe in, but I have the utmost respect and admiration for the people who quite literally put their lives on the line to help conserve and protect our marine life. 
Initially we just talked about some regular Tym stuff but the more I thought about it the more I thought I'd like to do something special to see if I could raise more money ?
I emailed Tone, who does all my artwork and said "Hey Tone, I've been approached by Sea Shepherd to help raise some money. I was thinking of doing a real "custom" with their logo on it. I'm just waiting to hear back from someone as to weather it's allowable. What do you think ?"
About 3 seconds later I got an email back saying "Hell yes! I'm in."
Sea Shepherd were very much into the idea so Tone sent the artwork through, and it's AWESOME as always.
So, I thought I'd make something special, that you technically couldn't buy as one of my "standard" pedals and thought, well, I LOVE the new Sea Weed I've just made for Isaiah from Earthless, and it has an ocean theme, so ............
I emailed Izzy and asked if he was cool with it. He said "Hey Tim! Do it!!!!! I believe in what Sea Shepard does so don't even hesitate with anything to do with me. I'm humbled that you do but this is your creation. It's a wonderful opportunity. Please run with it. Can I possibly buy one??????" 
So this new pedal is the TRI side of the Sea Weed which is a Triangle Big Mud with a few mods and tricks to make it work with the Tone Bender side of the Seaweed. It uses hand picked NOS tin can BC108's and silicon clipping diodes with that typical mid scoop BM tone, but slight;y ..... sweeter. The MIDS stomp switch was something I thought up to help Izzy cut through in a band setting and it's become one of the most complimented parts of the pedal, so since it's so loved, I thought I'd add it here. The pedal is in my usual custom made stainless steel enclosure and this one has sunken green LED's for the skulls eyes.
This pedal is up for auction on my Facebook page and is the only one made. It will be a one-off, and, if Sea Shepherd and I are happy with the results, I'll make some more for future auctions down the track but all will have unique and equally special artwork. ALL of the money raised from this pedal is going to Sea Shepherd to help them protect our oceans and marine life so bid HIGH and own this completely hand made, custom one-off (so far) fuzz pedal made right he in Brisbane. 
100% of the money raised is going to Sea Shepherd so if you're not into fuzz pedals, or can't afford what (I hope) it will go for, feel free to donate as well and I'll make sure the money gets sent with the pedal auction money. The pedal comes with a Sea Shepherd "Jolly Roger" T shirt in your choice of size.
Thanks to everyone who gets involved in this. I, and Sea Shepherd appreciate all your support.
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