Ed Kuepper on Tym records

This man needs no introduction to all who follow and support my humble little vinyl record label which I started to hopefully inspire people and introduce music fans to bands and artists they may not have heard of.

Ed Kuepper is truly one of the reasons Tym guitars, and in turn, this label even exists. I'm not going to get into who came before what and when but I am going to say, for me, punk rock, as I listen to it and believe in it, started with this man.
An expat from Germany who's family moved to my home town of Brisbane and at the age of 18 started a band in the vacuum that was the western suburbs of a small capital city in a police state in the early 70's. The Saints were "The Most Primitive Band in the World" and Ed and his buzzsaw SG were not only an originator of what was to follow, it remains a huge influence on everything worth listening to to this day.
Ed has moved through many innovative musical landscapes from the Saints, to the Laughing Clowns to 30 years of solo recording and performing and still, to this day proves he can be original and inventive with his art.
It's truly an honour and privilege to announce that I am is releasing a limited edition coloured vinyl 7" with two new songs recorded exclusively and available on Oct 21st only through Tym records worldwide.


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