Sounds Like Sunset - We Could Leave Tonight out July 22nd

It's been a LONG time coming but we all finally have a new album from the impeccable Sounds Like Sunset from Sydney, Australia. Mixing lashings of beautiful pop with shoegaze, noise, feedback and melody they have delivered an album well worth the wait. 
This is classic Sounds Like Sunset at their catchiest with Dave's songwriting maturing into perfect snapshots of laid back beauty. 
After simple tracking was done at the famous Alberts studios in Sydney with Wayne Connolly presiding, the project was then shelved for some time while Dave gathered inspiration and ideas to add to the landscape to produce something close to what he had in his head. Over an extender period to follow more guitars, vocals, "noises" and ..... more guitars were done at Dave's house as the band layered these tracks into something more substantial. Once the band were ...... almost happy with what they'd produced they went back to Wayne to mix, adding keys and more vocals in the process. 
The whole thing was finally mixed back at Alberts by Wayne, where it all started years before into 34 minutes and 10 seconds of lush, wondrous music. 
Leonardo da Vinci said "a work of art is never finished, only abandoned" and convincing Sounds Like Sunset that this work of art was indeed finished took longer again and added to the wait. 
After teasing you with Saturdays (2001) and Invisible (2005), Sounds Like Sunset - We Could Leave Tonight is out exclusively on vinyl through Tym records 22nd, July 2014 and digitally on iTunes through the band in August.
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