Sounds Like Sunset on Tym records, again.

Sounds Like Sunset are from northern Sydney, Australia and formed in the late 90's when Australia had a healthy and prosperous melodic guitar rock scene. They were one of many bands who drew on sixties pop and psych and mixed it with noise and feedback heavily influenced by British bands revolving around labels like Creation and the emergence of US bands in the mid eighties who used too many fuzz pedals and turned their amps up too loud to pummel catchy melodies into unsuspecting ears.

After releasing 2 albums in the early to mid 2000's to mostly uncaring and disinterested audiences who had "progressed" to "R&B" and post...... post punk, they took time out to regroup and try and make sense of it all. But this is music, there is no sense.

After a break to have a life, the Daves and Toby started writing and playing new songs again. This time it was taken slowly (even by SLS standards) and songs were crafted and rearranged and re-crafted into an albums worth of material. There was no rush because this wasn't ....... important, to the rest of the world. It was only important to them, and the people who have always appreciated the exceptional art these guys can create when they get together and things align.

When Dave agreed to submit a song for my first record club I was.......... excited, desperate to hear a NEW Sounds Like Sunset song. After all these years of never knowing if they would ever do anything else, this news was personally greeted with great anticipation. Like all SLS songs it's sense of perfect timing and impeccable melody was everything I'd come to love from this band. It was ....... perfect.

Now, I'm elated to announce that Tym records will be releasing the first new SLS album in nearly 10 years on limited edition multi-colour (and 180 gram black for the audiophiles) vinyl in all it's audio glory for those who understand, and those who need to. I have no reservation saying that this is noisy guitar pop at it's best, and this is my album of the year, despite being released less than half way through. I can't imagine someone writing a more perfect pop album for me because as it stands, it's as good as anything my favorite bands of this genre have ever released. I'm humbled to be part of it.


Out exclusively on vinyl through Tym records in July 2014. Available digitally through iTunes through Sounds Like Sunset in August.






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