Mini Mud "shop only" version


This one came about because I can never keep any of my pedals in stock at my shop. We have started holding back pedals from going online so walk in customers and touring bands can get their hands on some of my pedals. It's nice to be able to walk into a shop and be able to buy things like this, especially if you have come a long way to visit. We get lots of touring bands come in on a quest to buy something only to be disappointed I don't have anything in stock. Well, now we will.

Apart from some of my usual pedals that don't go online for sale but are available in the shop, I've started making some "shop only" versions that will (well, should at least) be available all the time in the shop but can't be purchased through my website. This version of the transistor Mini Mud is one of them.

This is essentially the same as my other transistor Mini Mud but with different transistors to give a slightly different gain structure and tone. This one is slightly less....... fizzy while still retaining the bulk of the fuzz tone. It's a great little boost/OD/fuzz this circuit and with the extra volume control can be used as any/all of these depending on your guitar and/or amp. 


The artwork is different and obviously looks more like my Ram Head Big Mud that's available from my BM clones. Being that this great little circuit is essentially the first half of a BM and is from this period, the Ram Head style artwork fits well.

The Mini Muds will still be available in both transistor and Op Amp versions on the website for general sale but these little pedals will soon be joined by other versions that I can hopefully keep in stock, and available ONLY in the shop.


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