Dead Meadow fuzz part 2

So, the evolution of another Tym signature fuzz (see part 1) has almost come full circle again. It is with GREAT pleasure that I can say these will be available, like all my pedals, in limited edition, hand made versions for sale soon. It's an honour for me to do another pedal with a guitarist and artist that I have such great respect for as a person and a musician.

When Tim approached me with the idea for a pedal I gave him the daunting task of recreating the fuzzed out tones of the first Dead Meadow record. I gave him detailed descriptions: A deep buzzing sustaining fuzz, the sound of the world breaking apart, the perfectly insane tone right before your amp and speakers blow out. Somehow Tim made sense of these ravings and extracted the pedal I had long been imagining. Jason Simon.


These will be available, like the Fuzz Munchkin, with a T shirt (in the first few batches) only available with the pedal itself so if you see someone wearing one, you know they're rockin' a Dead Meadow fuzz. AVAILABLE APRIL 2014.


These will be built and released the same way as all my other signature pedals like the Munchkin, the Tatanka, the Earthless fuzzes etc. I do not do pre-orders. If I did you would have already missed out of the first 40 or so. I make them in batches of 20 or so when I have time (I'm pretty busy here) and put them on my site with notice on Facebook and my site. I still believe this is the fairest way for ANYONE to get one. There's plenty of reading on my blog about it if you need more info.
Unlike the Munchkin, these are NOT limited edition. I will keep making them as long as there is demand, and/or Jason and I decide to stop. So, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did designing and making them.


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