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I am proud to announce we will be bringing in this limited and great series of vinyl 7"s into Australia.

This is a series of singles in which modern musicians interpret songs from the crate-digging masterclass that is the Secret Museum of Mankind compilation series.



Secret Museum of Kind Men Vol​.​1

7" Vinyl. Vol. 1 Secret Museum of Kind Men. Gongtrain visits Greece and Japan.
Two modern interpretations of tunes from the Secret Museum of Mankind compilations.


Matthew Clark has got together with friends Colin Langenus of USAisaMonster, along with Davis Salisbury on guitar and Odeya Nini on vocals, to cover ‘Kaike Ena Sholio’ by Kostis, from Greece, and from Japan ‘Ise-No-Umi’ by the Imperial Household Orchestra.
Both are tackled with a modern psychedelic bent which complements the hazy mysticism of the melodies well. The A side is quite Grailsy, with winding melodies and a dark-psych headiness, while the B is a slower-moving number which builds insidiously like a plodding, heaving mantra with lots of fast tremolo droning on the guitar. It’s ace.


Secret Museum of Kind Men Vol​.​2

7" Vinyl. Vol. 2 of Secret Museum of Kind Men. Ramble Tamble visits Epirus and Tunisia.
Two modern interpretations of tunes from the Secret Museum of Mankind compilations.


This time round it’s the turn of Brooklynites Ramble Tamble to cover ‘Ta Magia Sto Pegadi’ from the Greek island of Epirus and ‘Raks Fazani’ from Tunisia as slices of lively modern psychedelia.
The former starts out dusky and atmospheric, teasing us into its gently swirling melodies before a total freak-out at the end with wildly bowed violin and manic synth twiddling squaring off against one another, like A Hawk And A Hacksaw possessed by Carlton Melton’s hazy psychedelic demons. On the other side ‘Raks Fazani’ is fast and repetitive, with manic string drones, deft little buried piano melodies and fuzz guitar and hypnotically looped melodic phrases bringing a kind of pastoral kraut feel to the African composition. Both tracks bring a deeply psychedelic tumbling east-meets-west kickabout which is genuinely unusual.


Secret Museum of Kind Men Vol​.​3

7" Vinyl. Vol. 3 Secret Museum of Kind Men. Residual Echoes visits India and Tajikstan.
Two modern interpretations of tunes from the Secret Museum of Mankind compilations.


The third instalment of Casual Acid Tea's excellent 'Secret History of Kind Men' series, in which modern artists cover pieces from the epic 'Secret History of Mankind' archive. This one has a band called Residual Echoes interpreting tracks called 'Gungru Tarang' by Master Manamar Barve of India and 'Khar Shabi' by T Tazylova of Tajikstan. The former has a simple and hypnotic drum groove with industriously plodding bass, subtly twinkling guitar, and a nice scrapey viola leading the way with an addictive Eastern melody.
Overleaf 'Khar Shabi' is a dusty and exotic piece with vocals and viola playing a beguiling unison melody over sparingly plucked overdriven guitar and a stoical drum groove. Halfway through it bursts briefly into a faster and more energetic passage, and then deteriorates into cymbal swells, mournful strings and disgraceful guitar twangs. Even better than the A side.


Check out the BANDCAMP and see for yourself.


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