Tym records to re-issue classic Aussie punk single

In the early eighties, three kids from Punchbowl crawled out of the primeval slime that was the Sydney alternative music scene with a single, honed and honourable goal. To play Rock 'n' Roll the way they wanted it to be.
Entering into a scene that was older and more experienced than three high school friends armed with second hand instruments and heads full of classic pop, metal and punk they wrote their own book on how to do it, and they've never looked back or cared what anyone else was doing.
After releasing an EP in 1985 these three kids walked into a studio with Rob Younger from Radio Birdman and recorded 2 minutes, 42 seconds of naive, pop genius that has become one of THE most legendary Australian punk/pop singles ever recorded, maybe even THE 7" to define the genre.
Girl in the Sweater is a love song, reminiscent, and worthy of Phil Spector. It's a story of unrequited love ("Do you think that she will walk with me?") equal to anything the Buzzcocks could pen. It's "Wah wah harmonies" are as good as anything the Beach Boys could achieve, and it's sense of perfect pop timing and speed is only equaled in this world by The Ramones, who were mutual fans of the band. All this in 2 minutes 42 seconds.
There are bands in this world who get overlooked because "serious" music fans think they're a "joke" because of their demeanor and image (and name) but in fact are better than everything else around them. They exist in scenes of seemingly endless "more viable" music when in fact they're the epicentre of everything pure and genuine. If there was one Australian band who personifies this, it's the Hard-Ons.
Tym records is VERY (VERY) proud to announce that for Record Store Day 2014, I am re-issuing, for the first time ever the classic Hard-Ons 7" Girl in the Sweater / I Heard Her Call My Name remastered for vinyl on limited edition, hand numbered, coloured vinyl with, for the first time, original full colour artwork by Ray Ahn (not done by Waterfront at the time because of costs of full colour printing) and liner notes insert. This limited edition reissue also comes in a brown paper bag as it was originally sold in Queensland because of local laws deeming the release to be "obscene".
So, here for your consumption and education is .................. The Hard-Ons.

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