The Tym Double D Big Mud

Well, this is my sense of humour being used to turn a situation around for me. 

As some of you know I received a C&D from a famous pedal manufacturer recently and after some toing and froing it was clear I had to drop the second "D" off my series of Big MVdd pedals. 
I'm a huge fan of the company involved and, in part, actually agreed with their C&D and had no desire to take it any further so all of this series lost a D.

So, it just seemed ... natural to make a pedal called a Double D right ?


This is a Violet Rams Head circuit that I used in a limited edition series I made for my 15th anniversary and sold as a copy of the Lyle Sustainer that was an OEM version of one of these pedals. 

Those original Lyle copies had the original 2N5133 transistors which I don't have any more of so I've tweaked the circuit slightly to use high gain 5088's and I'm really happy with the results.

This has more gain and volume than my standard Rams Head Big Mud and both this, and my Violet RH have more mids and slightly more bottom end, giving this pedal more punch while keeping that great RH tone.

It's no secret around here how much I LOVE the Rams Head series BM's. To my ear, they are the best of an amazing range. 
Some have commented that my standard RH is too scooped, while other like it and say it is EXACTLY the same as their original.

This circuit having more mids and slightly more bottom end gives it a real drive getting closer to the Fuzz Munchkin sound without the hairy edges. Those high gain 5088's provide plenty of push and this version has more overall volume than my standard, which is the quietest (although still very loud) of the Big Mud series.

These are not limited edition, and like all my pedals will be constantly made in small batches as I have time, unless of course it hits a nerve with someone who doesn't think my sense of humour is funny ?



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