Sea Shepherd Fuzz 004

Well, it's that time again. Whenever I get angry about the world and the lack of empathy in it I tend to make more stuff for charity.

This is the forth Sea Shepherd Fuzz I've made with all proceeds going to them to help defend our oceans.

Each one has been a different circuit and this one is my Op Amp Big Mud which is based on the late seventies sustainer using a 741IC and 4558IC and I have an added extra transistor gain stage at the end for more push.


These normally have a mini toggle switch for the mids, which on the original was a tone stack bypass but I have a switch which flattens the mids (like the bypass) but keeps the tone control intact which makes more sense to me.


One this particular pedal I have made this the second stomp switch so you can change on the fly while you're playing.

This one will be for sale on the site THIS SUNDAY for $400 with all the money going to Sea Shepherd. I'll link on all my social media when it becomes available. 

Sea Shepherd Australia
Sea Shepherd 

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