Tym records club renewal

That's right folks.

The record club was a huge success so I'm doing it again. The club was set up to give people the opportunity to hear new music they may not have heard themselves and for me to help support bands I appreciate and love. The first 10 club releases are now done and most are sold out worldwide.

Only 200 copies of each club release was pressed and these will not be re-issued by me so if you think you might need to be part of the next ten, stay tuned.

I will set up an ITEM on my online shop consisting of the same options as the first club. There will be "local" for people who can come into the shop and pick up their copies. There will also be "National" and "International" and the cart price INCLUDES shipping of the ten club singles to your door as they're released.

Current members will be given first option to renew. IF all (or most) do renew and there's interest I will make the club membership 150 people (50 more) worldwide to give new people a chance to be part of it.

Just like the first club, you will not know what bands or releases are coming up. Some you will love, some you may not, but I stand behind all of them as worthy of being involved on my label. The first club was fairly eclectic (I think?) as I personally love a wide range of musical genres and styles. I hope to bring this to the second club also.

If you are currently in the club and wish to renew send us an email now (not FB pm's or texts). Club renewals will go online next Thursday, 23rd January for everyone to join. Anyone currently in the club whom hasn't contacted us will need to renew via the online memberships subject to availability.

The first club single will be announced next Thursday when the renewals go online.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this idea and this little indie label. Here's to the second, of hopefully many clubs to come.


Check HERE for label details.


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