Point to point boosts for Record Store Day 2016

Every year for Record Store day I like to do some special stuff on top of the usual vinyl I releases on Tym records

That usually involves making things like special custom pedals like these little hand painted boosts I made last year or these Tym fuzzes "wrapped" in Tym records 7"s.

My feelings on RSD are pretty well known and as some people are moving away from it for reasons I completely understand, I still feel it's an important day to promote music.


So, this year, I'm making some very limited edition point to point boosts that, as always, will ONLY be available in the shop on the day. 

I'm a huge fan of this little boost circuit as it's so simple and yet so effective, and can be modified to suit nearly any type of boost from full linear to treble boost in fairly clean to quite dirty all depending on component values and the type of transistor used. It can also be tuned for guitar or bass. 

I have made these to be a little bit dirty and not full linear, as I discovered a really nice setting when doing the Teenage Fanboost that I really like that I hadn't used before. It's not a treble boost but has some bottom end scooped out that makes it really crisp and usable with a wide range of pick ups but still keeps the bottom end intact and nicely rounded. 

The artwork was done by my friend Joe after I told him I've always loved the cartoon style Colorsound pedals. I love the "explosion" look and the bright colours used. He sent back this design in two different colours to choose from, so I thought I'd make both. 


There are FOUR of these boosts all up. Two in yellow and two in blue and you have to come to the shop and interact with humans to buy one. It's gonna be a great day with 6 bands playing live and 4 exclusive Tym records 7"s being released. 

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