Tym records auction and club renewal

Well folks, it's been about 15 months since I started my record label and I'm honoured and humbled by the response it's got from bands and customers alike. I started the label as a way of helping local bands and exposing bands i knew and worked with to my customers (and friends) who hadn't heard of them ........... and to have a bit of fun.
Well, in 15 months I'm up to 19 vinyl releases and it's been pretty much the dream run for me. The first 12" is out this month and the record club renewal is up for those who want to be involved again. This is an up front payment that guarantees you the next ten club releases. The thing with the club is, you don't know who will be on them.

So far the first ten club split 7"s have had The Nation Blue/Turnpike, Blacklevel Embassy/No Anchor, The Hymies/Undead Apes, Adam Harding/Regurgitator, The Arcolas/Brat Farrar, Black Elk Medicine Band/Cam Butler, Midnight Woolf/Treatment, Iowa/Sounds Like Sunset, Brett Netson/Kellie Lloyd, Dollar Bar/Tiny Spiders ..... and I'm proud of all of them.

Most of these have now SOLD OUT as only 200 were (and will ever be) pressed. 


So, if you missed out on club membership here's your chance. I am running an auction on my Facebook page for a VERY special, ONE ONLY pack of all these club singles in a hand made box (made by local artist/drummer Alex Gillies) featuring all ten 7"s hand numbered 10/200. That's right, number ten of the first ten club releases. All profits will be donated to a mutually agreed upon charity. The bidding will start at $100.


If the bidding reaches $250 I will include a copy of the other non club 7"s released so far featuring Earthless, The Shrine, Mudhoney/Treatment, Hot Lunch, Swervedriver, Lecherous Gaze and Dirty Fences/The Shrine.


Club renewal will be up in late January and anyone currently in the club gets first dibs of renewing. If everyone (or most) members do renew I will add another 50 to the club making it 150 worldwide. There will still be 100 of each club release available through my site for non club members.


The auction will run on my Facebook page from Jan 6th to midday Jan 17th (my time) at which point the highest bidder on the event will be contacted and shipping (or pick up) will be organized. Good luck and thanks for supporting my label. I have some VERY exciting releases coming up in 2014.


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