Instores at Tym guitars

Since moving into my new shop a couple of years ago all of these bands have appeared in this humble space.

Nova Scotia (Brisbane), Monarch (France), AXXONN (Brisbane/USA), Adalita (Melbourne) , Undead Apes (Brisbane), Thrones and John Wiese (USA) , Mercy Beat (Brisbane), Butcher Birds (Brisbane) , Giants of Science (Brisbane), Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side (Brisbane), No Anchor (Brisbane), Seals (Brisbane), Harmony (Melbourne), Laura Imbruglia (Melbourne), Dick Nasty (Brisbane), Epithets (Brisbane), HOSS (Melbourne), Brat Farrah (Melbourne), The Vee Bees (Melbourne), Ouch My Face (Melbourne), Blackwater Fever (Brisbane), Little Lovers (Sydney), Jason Simon (USA), Russian Circles (USA), Solkyri (Sydney), Lou Barlow (USA), DEAD (Melbourne), Cyberne (Japan), Future of the Left (Wales), Omar Rodrguez-López Group (USA), 6FtHick (Brisbane), Toxic Holocaust (USA), J Mascis signing (USA), Scott Kelly (USA), John Baizley (USA), Sleepmakeswaves (Sydney), Lander Configurations (Sydney), Aleks and the Ramps (Sydney), Kellie Lloyd (Brisbane), Dumbsaint (Sydney), Margins (Melbourne) , Turnpike (Brisbane), No Anchor (Brisbane), Violent Soho (Brisbane), Jason Simon (USA), Damn Terran (Melbourne), Lou Barlow (USA), Heirs (Melbourne), Useless Children (Melbourne), Shit Weather (Melbourne), Black Cobra (USA), Tiny Spiders (Brisbane), Nikko (Brisbane), Mr Maps (Brisbane), Blackie “Hard-Ons” (Sydney), Iowa (Melbourne), Golden Bats (Brisbane), Dylan Carlson (USA), Dumbsaint (Sydney), Eagle Twin (USA), Blacklevel Embassy (Melbourne),Undead Apes (Brisbane), Turnpike (Brisbane), Dick Nasty (Brisbane), Marathon (Brisbane), Dollarbar (Sydney/Brisbane), The Kramers (Brisbane), Chelsea Wolfe (USA), Dick Nasty (Brisbane), Eyehategod signing (USA), Dead (Melbourne), Vaz (USA), Earthless (USA), Velociraptor (Brisbane), Rational Academy (Brisbane), The Demon Parade (Sydney), Them Bruins (Melbourne), High Tension (Melbourne), Heavy Blanket (USA), Dreamtime (Brisbane), Cannon (Brisbane), Roku Music (Brisbane), Midnight Woolf (Melbourne), Bruce (NSW), Emperors (Perth), The Nation Blue (Melbourne), Deep Heat (Melbourne), Unida signing (USA), Isaiah Mitchell (USA), Municipal Waste signing (USA), Solkyri (Sydney), White Walls (Melbourne), River of Snakes (Melbourne), Hotel Wrecking City Traders (Melbourne), Glass Towers (Melbourne), Violent Soho (Brisbane), Fascinator (Melbourne), Roku Music (Brisbane), Iowa (Melbourne), Sounds Like Sunset (Sydney), Bed Wettin Bad Boys (Sydney), Songs (Sydney), The Spinning Rooms (Melbourne), Hydromedusa (Adelaide), Lecherous Gaze (USA), The Surfarikrishnas (Brisbane), The Shrine (USA), Future of the Left (Wales)

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