Tym skate and the Hard-Ons

It's hard to describe the Hard-Ons to a kid today. It's hard to understand in this easily connected world that trying to naively emulate your heroes used to be harder. You couldn't look up Wiki for names and stream the cool stuff. In the early 80's, 3 kids from western Sydney took that cool stuff and made it even cooler. It was fast, it was exciting and it was catchy. They took hardcore, punk, rock and pop and made it their own They took the Ramones to an even simpler level and made it great.
Back in the mid to late eighties (and later) when The Hard-Ons were out there flying the flag of "pop punk" before it was cool I saw them live too many times, including supporting the Ramones and they always delivered, and they had a singing drummer. What more could you want. 
I remember the first time I heard "Girl in the Sweater". SO simple, SO pure, SO good. I remember the first time I saw their artwork ............. and that name. It was all so juvenile and yet so brilliant at the same time. That is a very hard thing to do.
They played a show I used to put on every year called Ramone-a-thon once and I remember standing in a sold out room watching them play We Want the Airwaves and thinking "it really can't get any better than this" ........... well, it has.
Tym skate is releasing THE FIRST official Hard-Ons skate deck in collaboration with the band and fully endorsed by the guys. This is a limited edition deck with original artwork by Ray Ahn and available ONLY through Tym guitars worldwide. The first 20 come with a limited edition T shirt featuring the artwork and the Tym skate logo. Available from Dec 10th. More details soon.  
Next year is their 30th anniversary and they're still out there touring and recording. They're R'n'R lifers and some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet and they deserve MUCH more respect in the music world.
The Hard-ons need no introduction: a rampaging pop band from the south-west of Sydney that took over places like Tokyo, London and Caboolture with their infectious brand of punk/metal/bubblegum hybrid. Hard to believe ladies and gentlemen but the Hard-ons are more relevant today than back in 1984, offering both a sense of musical and ideological freedom AND wonderful melodies to boot.
Skateboards need no introduction: a rampaging yet simple mode of transport, hard to believe but they are more relevant today than back in 1974, offering both a a sense of unbridled freedom and wonderful means of exercise for the busy man/woman.
It HAD to happen. A Hard-ons skateboard. Presented by of all people, TYM GUITARS, the legendary Brisbane flag-wavers for everything independant and rock'n'roll.
Originally slated to be a "PETER BLACK HEAD INJURY EDITION" (referencing the said guitarists' run-in with a pair of feral rich kids, when the head was set upon viciously with a skateboard), a sense of good-taste prevented this from happening.
This limited edition HARD-ONS skateboard will surely give you pleasure for years to come.
Stephen Ahn
the bassplayer's brother 
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