Yo La Tengo - Here To Fall Remixes 12 inch

$25.00 (AUD)

From allmusic.com - Yo La Tengo are clearly not adverse to the concept of the remix, having allowed outside figures to rework some of their tracks in the past, most notably on the Autumn Sweater and Danelectro EPs. But the folks who previously played with their master tapes were from the worlds of electronic music or indie rock, while the Here to Fall EP features three alternate versions of "Here to Fall" (the opening cut from 2009's Popular Songs) filtered through the minds and mixing consoles of noted hip-hop producers. This EP clearly represents an experiment on Yo La Tengo's part (not to mention the various producers), but you'd be hard-pressed to name another indie rock band who've been together more than a quarter-of-a-century and would entertain the notion of this sort of a record, let alone one that doesn't embarrass anyone involved.