Yamaha D5000 Digital Delay

$549.00 (AUD)

With its high-quality 20-bit sound, the Yamaha D5000 Professional Digital Delay is the perfect choice for studio and sound reinforcement applications.

It has four types of effect programs: DUAL (stereo) delay, SINGLE (mono) delay, FREEZE record and playback, and S&H (sample and hold) playback. The large amount of memory allows it to create delay lines or record samples of up to 10 seconds in duration.

The interface is simple and intuitive, with a large, easily-read LCD, allowing you to quickly produce exactly the effect you want. It features 100 program locations for storing your favourite effects for instant recall. For added flexibility, the D5000 can be controlled by MIDI, especially useful with the FREEZE record and playback effect.


The D5000 has 100 user programs. All of the programs are user-programmable. There are four types of programs available:


DUAL (stereo) Delay (refer to the diagram on page 100) – There are two delay units (A-channel and B-channel) and three taps for each unit. Create a flanger or chorus in perfect stereo, or a ping-pong (channel-to-channel) delay.

SINGLE (mono) Delay – This is a single delay with six taps. It can support a delay time that is double the length of a DUAL (stereo) program.

FREEZE – The input sound can be recorded and then played back in a variety of ways, including modifying the playback speed, looping, and so on.

S&H (sample and hold) – Use the [TRIGGER] key or a footswitch to control the sample and hold feature. By pressing the key or footswitch, you can sample and play-back in sequence.

Yamaha ships the D5000 with preset programs that illustrate the features of each of the four types of programs.