Wino - Adrift 12"

$28.00 (AUD)

Adrift doesn’t feel like a side hobby. The songs are lush, potent, and heartfelt. They have stories about typical American themes like loss, anger, love, and redemption. Wino croons “I wouldn’t trade a single day / Because of the storm I found you”, on the title track. On “I Don’t Care”, he echoes his Born Too Late days but sings with the wisdom of a 50 year-old. “Hold On Love” is a stinging repudiation of CEOs, priests, and other authority figures; “D-Bear” is Wino’s ode to his close friend and bandmate Kelly.

Adrift is Wino’s first acoustic album, but it feels timeless. You get the sense Wino could walk away from metal and become a travelling minstrel. It’s beautiful and moving in equal measure.