Wild Billy Childish And The Black Hands - Play Capt Calypsos Hoodoo Party 12 inch

$30.00 (AUD)

Assembling a coterie of friends and players as the Blackhands -- notably including a trumpeter, one Dave -- Childish turned in a loose and lively romp through originals and covers both, yet one more collection of rough and tumble wiggery from the man. Recorded at a single date -- and perhaps in fact recorded at a party, but who can say? -- Hoodoo is the sound of folks playing for their own enjoyment and having a fun time while theyre at it. Its not quite rock, not exactly calypso, definitely not lounge, and not really big band jazz, but somehow the Blackhands make it all sound like a fusion of same, like a record dropped somewhere out of the thirties or the late forties into the present.