WGS Reaper 12" 16 Ohm 30w

$155.00 (AUD)

Warehouse Guitar Speakers - Reaper - 12" - 16 Ohm - 30w


The 12” Reaper™ guitar speaker is a DROP IN REPLACEMENT for Celestion™ G12H30 Anniversary Edition. This speaker sounds like a Green Beret on steroids. Cone breakup does not occur as early as the Green Beret. This speaker sounds great mixed with a Green Beret, Veteran 30, or by itself.


Unit Weight: 10 pounds

Mounting Information: 

Diameter: 12.2”

Overall depth: 5.3”

Cut-out diameter: 11.1”

Mounting slot dimensions: 0.31”

Number of mounting slots: 8

Mounting slot PCD: 11.7”