WEM Watkins Copy Cat delay early 70's

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MADE IN ENGLAND. Good condition with some usual wear. With original lid, speaker cable and footswitch. Fully working and ready to play.


The Watkins Copicat was produced by WEM and designed by Charlie Watkins out of England. It was developed with the goal of creating a create sound delay unit in a small and affordable size. Charlie had seen a band using a large and cumbersome tape delay to get a unique sound but knew it had to be smaller and cheaper. The Watkins Copicat went into production in the 1958-59 and went through many transformations in the following years. This version marks the switch from valve based power to solid state. Though the previous versions have been said to sound better, the Solid States versions like this one are far and away the better seller and more reliable units. 


Two inputs

Swell Control - Turns on unit and controls mix of delay and dry signal.

Sustain - Control the amount of repeats in signal. Turn up will cause unit to oscillate as repeats increas.

Gain 1 and Gain 2 - Volume control for input 1 and 2.


The tapes in these units are working but do have patches and scratches and can be noisy as they are old. All units are being sold as described with old tape. New tape is available.