We All Want To - The Haze 12 Inch

$28.00 (AUD)


 "Our third album. The songs were mostly all written and demoed in late 2013 – early 2014. It marks the first time that a WAWT album isn’t acting as a clearing house for older songs (the tracks on Come Up Invisible were drawn from a period of a few years, same with our first album).

Not a concept album as such, but the songs fall into families both musically and lyrically, and themes are pretty consistent throughout. Memories, regrets/no regrets, change, friends drifting away, the strange randomness of life. These can be sad subjects but hopefully we manage to infuse them with a good doses of our usual positivity, we tried to anyway.

Recorded and produced by Darek Mudge at The Shed, Brisbane, August – September 2014. Mixed by Darek at The Shed and Wayne Connolly at Alberts, Sydney. Mastering by Hans Dekline at Sound Bites Dog Mastering, Los Angeles. Cover photo by Penny Williams, 1988.

Performed in the studio by the line up of the band which was in place right from when we released Come Up Invisible in 2012. Dan, Mel, Darek, Skye and Tim, and we were joined by Allan Bremner on trumpet on “Like Buildings Collapsing”. Unusually for us we only had the one guest musician, we recorded it all in one studio (and mixed in two)."