We All Want To - Come Up Invisible 12 Inch LP

$28.00 (AUD)

WE ALL WANT TO spent several months in late 2011 barricaded in the studio, armed with bouzoukis, tambourines, xylophones and an omnichord, but most importantly an army of electric guitars, loud amps and fuzz pedals. The results of these efforts – on the new album COME UP INVISIBLE – are a revelation; songs that are intricately arranged, acutely observed, slyly humourous and unforgettably engaging.

Simple enough on the outside but deceptively complex under the surface, these new tracks bear startling evidence of the supreme songcraft that sets them apart from just about anyone else. From the bright and bounding vocal hooks of ‘No Signs’ to the edgy, disturbed riffs that puzzle together to make ‘Firefighter’ and the beautiful harmonies about mortality and regret that run through the moving ‘Where Sleeping Ends’, WE ALL WANT TO raise the bar for indie rock in 2012. Music this good won’t remain under the radar for long.