TYM Records 031 - Golden Bats - Gold Coloured Vinyl

$13.00 (AUD)

Golden Bats are no strangers to Tym records. They've been part of my club series and played in my shop more than once. Also, everything they've ever recorded has been done in my studio so they're kind of family. Not the kind of family you'd invite home to meet your parents ..........
Golden Bats is a powerhouse of riffs and ripped out vocals. Slow, dirgey and brutal in equal parts but without ever losing a sense of melody and purpose. Layered down tuned guitars and drum machines relentlessly pound the song into your brain and leave you wanting more.
I've been wanting to do something more substantial with them since first hearing them. On paper, they may not be what I would normally listen to, but to my ears there's something very appealing, very engaging, even alluring to what's going on sonically. 

Golden Bats and Tym records have teamed up for RSD 2015 to release their first ever piece of vinyl. 2 new and exclusive songs written, recorded and mixed by lead man Geordie and mastered at Enormous Door Mastering in the US especially for this limited edition coloured vinyl release.