Tym Records 030 - Hydromedusa - Self Titled - purple vinyl 12 inch

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2nd pressing of Adelaide hard rock 5 piece HYDROMEDUSA's first self titled LP on limited edition purple vinyl.

This debut album brings together all the best parts of the last 50 years of hard riffin' rock and blurs it tastefully with punk and psych into one of the most perfect pieces of vinyl ever produced. 

Adelaide has proven to be a stomping ground for classic Oz Rock bubbling to the surface in the late 60's and spawning some of the biggest names of enduring Australian R'n'R since. Hydromedusa are the latest in this long lineage of loud guitars and stompin' drums forcing their way through common decency and good taste.

These eleven songs were recorded live to tape at Twin Earth Studios in their home town and while being brand new, have a ... familiar feel and tone to them that reassures the listener that the spirit of bands like MC5 and Deep Purple are still with us and can be dragged through punk and stoner into 2015.

This album is destined to become an Australian hard rock classic for future generations of music lovers.

Tym records is proud to announce the release of this bands first long player recorded live straight to tape and pressed into glorious bpurple vinyl for your listening pleasure. Eleven thick blocks of heavy 70's Aus rock melded perfectly with just enough punk to make it obstinate and bring it kicking and screaming into the modern world.