Tym records 011 Ltd Ed 7 inch

$10.00 (AUD)

Iowa/Sounds Like Sunset. Record Club split 7"

Iowa : Always The Devil’ was actually the backup song we had recorded for Tym Records. The main song didn’t turn out the way we had hoped and we ended up liking this song more. It was recorded by Anthony Cornish in his home studio ‘Horizon Sound’ who had also mixed & mastered our album ‘Never Saw It Coming’ of last year.  ‘Always The Devil’ was all recorded pretty much live and turned out a lot messier and less polished than our previous recordings which is what we were kinda going for.

Sounds Like Sunset : This song has had a lot of different demo incarnations since the original stoner-rock sounding drum machine demo. I guess that version is probably still in our heads even when we play it together at shows now - it always felt good to play, and it was usually a heavy noise-fest. When it came time to record it though (at Alberts Studios in Sydney with Wayne Connolly), more & more little pretty melody bits kept peeping out here and there, so we cut it back a bit and let that stuff have some space too. What ended up on the record is more of an abandoned, running-out-of-money kind of mix than a completed one - but the song is probably better off for it!