Tym records 010 Mudhoney Treatment limited edition 7 inch Red Vinyl

$10.00 (AUD)

MUDHONEY: They do as they please, which is best exemplified by this cracking rendition of "Did He Die" . Recorded in their Seattle dungeon. This is the sound of MUDHONEY doing The Seeds. With their high raw energy, cranked up loud without a care in the world- giving new life and feel to this  garage classic, pushing this tune to its fuzz limit.

TREATMENT: Offer you a psychotic stripped back version of the legendary “Driving Me Insane” by The Missing Links. Recorded in an inner city tenement on ancient analogue gear, TREATMENT pummel this classic tune into a new shape burying it deep within squalls of guitar and and evil middle-finger-fuzztone organ. It’s a cry of pain coming from a hot rod engine trapped in a garage full of evil thoughts. Approach with caution.