Tym records 008 Ltd Ed 7 inch

$10.00 (AUD)

TYM008. Midnight Woolf. The basic blues riff that is the theme for this song seems to have been ringing around my head for years, its probably ripped off of something...every once in a while when I picked up the guitar it would come...eventually I figured I could put it to a twelve bar blues progression and the song came together. One day I was playing guitar behind the desk at the rehearsal studio I work at and the lyrics started to tumble out...something about big girls, and eating...not the scrawny model types, but real women, with curves, dunno....oh yeah and my love for cheese....we recorded it live in the rehearsal studio to 8-track cassette, mixed on pro-tools. Hope you enjoy it

Treatment. A psychedelic jamboree, with a revolving line up of garage punk rock hooligans, making rock and roll noise with just their bare hands and ancient technology. Their latest recording, Hideout! is a low-slung psych rocker that explodes into a swinging fuzz face chorus with all of their musical guns blazing in unison, driving you head first into a their neo psychedelic squalled treatment breakdown . This track was record was recorded to 8 track tape at the legendary Hanging Tree in Sydney. Mixed by the band in a secret location with only a “Boy Howdy” beer-can as a musical reference point. YOU NEED - TREATMENT!