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TYM007 : Black Elk Medicine Band. Drop the Sonar Dome (and have a look around) pt2. This band is called Black Elk's Medicine Band because I want to help bring consciousness to the struggles if the indigenous people of North America. Ive always had an affinity and a closeness to Native American culture and spirituality. This matter is close to my heart. Native Americans have suffered quite unfairly due to the constant influx of settlers and the impact is felt more than ever today with funding for the needy the lowest for Native American Reservations. Black Elk hoped to keep his people unified during his lifetime but the white man did everything he could to weaken the spirits of the Native People's, or Human Beings. I started this band in hopes to help open some people's eyes and help the ancestors of those who were here before the whites came. Starting slow, but Tim, you are helping by getting this out into the world. That's all I want out of this. Thank you so much. Isaiah Mitchell.

Cam Butler. Desolation. Desolation is track 4 from my latest album, Save My Soul. I received a small recording grant from the Victorian Government which enable me to record a 23 piece string orchestra which formed the basis of the whole album. Save My Soul has taken me a few years to complete. The strings were recorded at the end of 2009 but the album finally came out in early 2012. Being a self released album and also working on a few other projects made things turn out this way. The string orchestra was recorded at the Iwaki Auditorium at the ABC Centre, Southbank, Melbourne, and was conducted by Benjamin Northey. I then added percussion (bass drum, timpani, cymbals etc), harp and guitars (acoustic & electric) in a couple of overdub sessions at Soundpark Studios in Northcote. This is a modern sound, a combination of the lush beauty and drama of a large string section with dark, "underground", expressionistic electric guitar. This is an approach that I have been refining for a number of years now across 5 other solo albums. Cam Butler, Melbourne, Feb. 2013