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TYM005 :Adam Harding / Regurgitator. Goodbye Charlie is one of four songs Murph and I recorded one night in 2010 at Ear Knife (a rehearsal/recording space I shared with Lou Barlow in a shitty part of LA). It was a full moon and Murph was in particularly fine form. My friend Bobb Bruno from Best Coast played bass, which we recorded later at Bobb's house. Bobb was pretty stoked to be playing bass again since he had been playing only guitar for a while. I recorded most of the vocals in a big empty warehouse, alone in the dark with my field recorder. Adam Harding. EVIL EYE : It was the late 90s and Quan and I were in the states on a plane from Austin Texas heading to New Orleans for a gig. We settled into the flight and a Haitian stewardess came up the isle with the food cart. She had dreaded crazy hair and large bug out eyes I said to Quan wow man check out that ladies eyes... She approached our seats and asked "would you boys like some orange juice" in a thick southern drawl. Quan replied. 'what happened to your eyes?' She said, 'wha you mean wha wrong wit ma eyes? Ma grandmama did voodoo, mama did and I'll do voodoo on you!'. I said, your cursed buddy. And so became the song evil eye. Ben Ely.