Tym records 001 Ltd Ed 7 inch

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TYM001 : The Nation Blue/Turnpike Record club 7" ​The Nation Blue - Conversations​ The Nation Blue are three men in limbo, languishing at the sub-apex where the anger has faded and the body’s capabilities are severely diminished. Occupying the void between the 1990’s primordial backwater into which the band was aborted and the post-nihilism of the current day, they are too slow, too loud and too ugly to be relevant. Scene-less and devoid of aspiration these days, The Nation Blue have lain dormant but were awoken at the beckon call of Tim Brennan. “Conversations” is the first new song since 2009. Tom Lyngcoln. Turnpike - Even Predators are Eventually Prey Turnpike are three men on a mission, excelling at the pinnacle where extreme mental focus embraces physical excellence.... Adam King.