Tym anniversary Buzzrite LE

$200.00 (AUD)

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Based on the first Tym pedal I ever made for sale this is my 20th anniversary Buzzrite using my standard custom made PCB with different component vales and a careful selection of NOS silicon "tin can" BC140 (low gain) and BC108 (high gain) in the two driver stages.

This version is built in the original cast aluminium Hammond enclosures that I used on the original series back in 1997 and I am only making 20 of these all up this year in 2 batches of 10.

This version only runs on battery* with a battery ON/OFF switch and has no LED, just like my original Buzzrites and the original Mosrite Fuzzrite, which it is modelled after. 

This version has special artwork based on the original Mosrite bicentennial guitars Semie Moseley made in 1977 and my original "Wosrite" brand name.




*Because of restrictions on shipping batteries to some countries your Buzzrite may not have a battery when you receive it. I apologise for this inconvenience.