TYM CAB 6X10 bass loaded Eminence

$1,910.00 (AUD)

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Due to demand from bass players we are making a 6 X 10 bass cab. It seems bass players like the sound and size of this cab giving "fridge" style tone without the back aches. After solid testing we have settled on a design using 6 X Eminence 250W speakers giving 1500W at 4 ohm so you can put almost anything on top to drive it. These are a closed back, "open braced" style cab with ports leaving all the speakers breathing together. We found the bass players who tested the cabs preferred this style. The cabs are hand made here in Brisbane using the same ply and tolex as our guitar cabs and have wheels and a steel handle "a la" Ampeg for easy handling with metal side handles for easy lifting. We use black grill cloth on all our bass cabs but other cloths are available. Other speakers available on request.


6 X 10 : 98 x 62 x 39 cm