Travesfx Double Negative TL

$250.00 (AUD)

The Double Negative TL Custom pedal
is a version of the custom Smog pedal I originally Built for Tom Lyngcoln.
Like Tom, this pedal is powerful, versatile and dynamic!
There’s no diode clipping, but it gains a tone stack and a tone bypass foot switch with dedicated level control to unlock a heap of scope.

Level: sets the output level relative to the Loud control when the bypass footswitch is engaged (violet led).
Loud: Yes, it is!
Range: Tone control when in standard operation (blue led).
Smog: The amount of drive.

The level and loud controls interact to allow you to set the bypassed level lower or higher and let you choose which side to use as the boost, etc.

The toggle switch selects the mids content of the tone stack.
Left: flat.
Centre: scooped.
Right: semi- scooped.

It’s true bypass and runs off a quality, standard centre negative external power supply.