ToadWorks Death Rattle V1 2ND HAND

$230.00 (AUD)

Great as new condition. With original box and paperwork. 

ToadWorks Death Rattle is a dual channel overdrive device. It consists of two completely separate and unique overdrive circuits, as well as a boost circuit, capable of increasing both the volume and the sustain. 

Each mode was designed to emulate a very specific sound, giving bedroom players and working musicians an affordable, reliable method of reproducing the tone of these highly prized amplifiers. 

The Tweed circuit is transistor based, and is designed to give smooth, rounded breakup, and to be extremely sensitive to attack, just like a vintage American amp. 

The Plexi circuit uses an op-amp do simulate the higher gain, reminiscent of the classc British amplifiers - it's smooth with lots of high end and slightly scooped mids, with a nice, soft attack that is the signature of the 60's plexi.