The Oscillation - Cable Street Sessions 12 inch

$30.00 (AUD)

Hot on the heels of last year’s "From Tomorrow" LP, which saw The Oscillation continue their progressive mutation into one of the most hallucinogenic bands on the scene today, The Cable Street Sessions adds a further shot in the arm to these claims. Anybody who has managed to catch The Oscillation live will confirm that their brand of liquid psyche is some of the heaviest and best kraut-a-delic music out there.  

Although The Oscillation was originally the brainchild of Demian Castellanos, he is now joined full time by the rhythm section of long time cohorts - bassist Tom Relleen and drummer Valentina Magaletti. The Cable Street Sessions gives extra breadth and depth to the rhythm section, allowing their telepathic improvisations to drive a pulsing miasma under Demian Castellanos’s unholy hail of effects. Now you can feel and hear the dynamism of one of the best live bands you might never see. 

Features a cover of The Deviants classic - "Somewhere to Go" 

Presented in a Mirror Board Sleeve