Suicide Swans - la Jungla 2 x 12 Inch

$40.00 (AUD)

If Suicide Swans first self-titled release was firmly planted in their early folk/bluegrass/country roots, their debut album ‘Ghosts We Forget’ allowed the band to paint with the broad strokes of cosmic country and their sophomore album ‘Augusta’ advancing the band’s sonic experimentation, then ‘la Jungla’ and its 13 songs represents in all its glory a band confident, pushing and capturing their live sound with a distinctive potency that is all their own

La Jungla is a behemoth in terms of a vinyl release. Coming in at just shy of an hour and half, this album explores the breadth of alt country and veers into new, more introspective territory. Undulating keys, stabbing violins and searing drums and guitar underpin raw, whiskey soaked vocals.