SubDecay Flying Tomato

$180.00 (AUD)

What is the Flying Tomato? The Flying Tomato is loosely based on the classic two-transistor fuzz design, but with a few modern improvements. One of the ideas we strive for here at Subdecay, are pedals you can "match" to your guitar and amp. Some fuzzes sound great with a combination of certain guitars and amplifiers, but are lackluster with others. The Flying Tomato addresses the limitations of classic fuzz designs with a few modern improvements, and it doesn't stop at true-bypass and an LED. A switchable impedance-matching input buffer allows the Flying Tomato to work well after virtually any pedal, or with active pickups. With the Bias control, you can dial in just the right flavor of fuzz, from gated, to classic, to hair-raising. Finally, with the separate Low and Hi tone controls, you can refine your fuzz tone, from being a subtle background texture to cutting mercilessly through the mix when you need it to. If you are a "vintage tone purist" you probably want to stop reading right here (but wait, you're almost done anyways...) While the Flying Tomato is loosely based on classic designs, it is not authentic to any original. Like most of the tomatoes you buy at the grocery store these days, this fuzz has been unnaturally altered.