Spits - Thrift Store - 19 Million AC 12 inch

$35.00 (AUD)

19 Million AC, out on Dirtnap Records, brings together all of the hard to find and out of print 7" records, EPs, and compilation tracks by the Spits on one CD. This brief collection of tracks captures the essence of the Spits with their spazzy new wave and loose punk rock. the Spits call up a mix of the Ramones and Devo with their raw guitars, short tracks, shouts, and occasional keyboard space bleeps and blips. While this new wave/punk rock definitely has an '80s vibe, the Spits make it their own with charming lo-fi recordings and sloppiness. This is the stuff that warms the heart. 19 Million AC stays interesting throughout due to the fact that this is a collection of many recordings, so the crappy production is interesting in that it changes -- maybe only from the bathroom to the basement, but it changes nevertheless. the Spits rock on this collection; it's a fun, fast document that will get you pumping your fist and busting out your makeshift spacesuit.