Sonic Love Affair / Sonic Love Affair 12"

$20.00 (AUD)

Hard rock n roll with garagey hooks, and a hateful lead singer that wants to bite your face off! --Lou, Horizontal Action

Snot drips like honey off the debut full-length album from Sacramento's sassiest garage band, S.L.A. The quick, catchy tunes from these dive-bar rock stars are like The Stooges or Flamin' Groovies with a young Mick Jagger out front. The band has been together since 2001, but it took a great producer, Chris Woodhouse, to finally capture the band's -off live sound in the studio. There's no slow music on this disc, just songs with titles like "Panther ", screaming electric leads, and a driving punk beat that will drive most listeners to the bottle. Lead singer Dylan Rogers exudes that rarest and most valuable of rock-star qualities on these songs: unadulterated hate. His sneering delivery would be comical if it didn't sound so cool. I'll be the first in line to catch these live when they hit a dive bar around here. --Dug, Skratch Magazine

Oh man, this is the good stuff. Trashy and fearless garage punk that has burning up my CD player with all of the times I have hit replay. Tracks like Panther Piss, 100 watts (of Electric Love) and Junkyard Heart totally rocked my world and they even throw in a great snotty cover of a Dylan classic. Highly recommended. --JC, Amp Magazine