Sonic Youth - Corperate Ghost DVD

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Corporate Ghost finds Sonic Youth embracing the music-video format in a big and exciting way with the 1990 release of their hit album, Goo. The band produced a video for each of Goo's 11 tracks, and that collection forms the first half of this stylistically eclectic anthology. Sonic Youth's enthusiasm also drew significant filmmaking talent: Dave Markey (1991: The Year Punk Broke) directs the witty, histrionic "Mildred Pierce," which looks like a 1940s experimental biography of Joan Crawford. Far from Heaven's Todd Haynes makes a fascinating fever dream of "Disappearer," telegraphing angst about the difference between public and private identity. Tamra Davis (Guncrazy) delivers both the MTV-accessible "Dirty Boots" as well as the deliriously sexy "Kool Thing." Later videos include the fashion show trappings of "Sugar Kane," the mesmerizing duet between bassist-singer Kim Gordon and guest Kim Deal on "Little Trouble Girl," and a grabby, time-manipulated video for "Sunday" by Harmony Korine