Shen-ei Fuzz Wah 8TR 2ND HAND

$580.00 (AUD)

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MIJ. Good condition with player wear. 

This is the BIG 8TR Fuzz Wah probably best known for the JaMC sound. 6 828 transistors in the fuzz stage is basically the Companion/Univox Superfuzz with 2 more transistors in the Wah stage. Controls for FUZZ and VOL and the "fuzz pitch slector" (TONE on Univox) goes from big to fuzz to BIGGER fuzz. 

Run the Wah and fuzz independantly.

This one has had new switches, LEDs for both fuzz and Wah and Boss style 9V adaptor (original had none of these) and a new solid baseplate fitted. Fully serviced and tourproofed.

The 8TR is the big brother and killer Fuzz Wah that is now legendary, and with good reason.