Secret Museum of Kind Men Vol​.​1

$15.00 (AUD)

Vol. 1 Secret Museum of Kind Men. Gongtrain visits Greece and Japan. Two modern interpretations of tunes from the Secret Museum of Mankind compilations. Matthew Clark has got together with friends Colin Langenus of USAisaMonster, along with Davis Salisbury on guitar and Odeya Nini on vocals, to cover ‘Kaike Ena Sholio’ by Kostis, from Greece, and from Japan ‘Ise-No-Umi’ by the Imperial Household Orchestra.

Both are tackled with a modern psychedelic bent which complements the hazy mysticism of the melodies well. The A side is quite Grailsy, with winding melodies and a dark-psych headiness, while the B is a slower-moving number which builds insidiously like a plodding, heaving mantra with lots of fast tremolo droning on the guitar. It’s ace.