Rockin Horse - Yes it is 12 inch ltd ed

$28.00 (AUD)

Rockin Horses "Yes It Is" has been critically hailed as one of the true lost British power pop relics. When the late Greg Shaw (Bomp Records & Magazine) created his Voxx subsidiary, the first single he decided to reissue was Rockin Horses 1971 magnum opus single, "The Biggest Gossip in Town." Shaw declared that the single was the greatest power pop song of all time – heady stuff. The power pop sounds of "Yes It Is" have been favorably compared to the best of The Beatles "Let it Be" era and Badfingers early 1970 efforts. As an homage, the bands name was drawn from The Beatles "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" and the album title itself from The Beatles B-side of "Ticket to Ride." Rockin Horse was formed in 1971 by lifelong best friends Jimmy Campbell (The Kirkbys/23rd Turnoff) and Billy Kinsley (The Merseybeats/The Merseys) after the end of their respective Liverpool bands had split. Joining the Liverpool core duo were hired studio guns: Bobby Falloon (guitar), Stan Gorman (drums) and Michael Snow (keyboards). Having been schooled in the very same musical influences as the Fab Four, the end result is eerily similar to the sound the Beatles were creating at the end of their career during 1968-1970. The album was not an attempt to "ape" The Beatles sound, but more the end product of having grown up as contemporaries of The Beatles in Liverpool and listening to the same records and playing the same circuits . How could they not end up sounding similar? Locating a copy of the original album is close to impossible and very expensive. Now you can own one of the greatest power pop recordings of all time on vinyl with its original Hipgnosis sleeve design.